Streaming Services- Setup, Hosting & Management

Looking for a cutting-edge digital marketing solution to grow both your online audience and organically generate revenueHuddie offers a robust managed Streaming Service that encompasses all of your technology and digital strategy needs.  

Read below to find out if a Live Stream service with Huddie is right for your business or nonprofit. 


Why Live Stream? 

Live Streaming is huge platform for influencers and brandsbut few are fully utilizing its marketing potential. Now is the time to access this relatively new market. The Live streaming industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.4% in the next six years, reaching a size of $184.3 billion by 2027 (Research & Markets) 

Mainstream companies know streaming is the next big digital marketing channel and a direct way to reach many sough-after consumer groups. Along with these benefits, Live Streaming is a great channel to advertise your brand presence to millennials and generation-z. This valuable exposure through up-and-coming influencers will help your business stand out from the competition, integrating with existing streaming media these consumers know and trust.  


The Streaming Services Package Includes: 

Robust Cloud Platform  

  • Video Encoding  
    • Huddie handles all hardware and software required to encode and host video feeds to stream on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. 
  • Virtual Hosting 
    • Huddie uses 100% remote, cloud-based methods to keep your stream going. This includes all support, backup and maintenance of the digital assets that create these streams.  
  • Autonomous Chatbot 
    • Keep your audience up to date, no matter when they view your stream.  
  • Email & SMS  
    • Huddie’s marketing experts help engage your existing database through a campaign that educates them on Twitch. Our email campaign guides them through the steps to following and subscribing to your channel (potentially for free). 
  • Advanced Analytics 
    • Find out exactly what your audience likes, where they come from, and where to spend your advertising dollars. Additionallyaccess full reports of how your social media, email, & SMS channels are working together to grow your live audience and brand recognition. 


Client Services  

  • Stream Setup & Management 
    • Get the unique advantage professionalgrade graphics and streaming tools from day one.  
  • Stream Assets 
    • Impress your audience with custom graphics (video overlays, branded panels, and emotes) while engaging them with interactive chat bots and community moderators. 
  • Campaign Management 
    • Combine social media, email, & SMS to boost your streams as soon as they go live. 
  • Streaming Best Practices 
    • Never worry about the terms and conditions of what can and cannot happen on stream. We have experts ready to answer any of your compliance questions and concerns, so you can keep streaming. 
  • Campaign Optimization 
    • We’ll make sure you’re getting the highest ROI possible from your streaming endeavors, and that all your marketing channels go hand in hand. 



  • How can Huddie help you generate revenue through streaming? 
    • One of the most common questions when it comes to streaming is How does it make money?a great question! There’s many ways Huddie can help orchestrate fundraising and brand awareness through Email, Social media and Online Streaming. All of these channels can have a significant and positive impact on your ROI.   


Why it pays to stream with Huddie: 

  1. We’ll help you send educational emails to your lists of supporters and donors 
    • Turn your entire email database into devoted donors with well-timed emailsexplaining exactly how they can donate to your stream. Huddie sets-up and monitors follow-up email drips throughout the yearreminding followers to renew their monthly subscription. 
  1. Rally them to subscribe by setting on-stream donation goals and producing stream activities  
    • We’ll help you take advantage of in-stream fundraising events and competitive giving challenges 
  1. Enjoy an extremely low cost of acquisition and a lucrative venue for brand exposure. 
    • Educate a whole new audience about what your business has to offer. Streaming can contribute to tens of thousands of new customer impressions every month.  

Want to check it out for yourself?

Huddie works with Wolf Conservation Center to stream a 24/7 live feed of endangered Wolves! Click Here to see Huddie Live Streaming in action.