SMS Alerts & Line Busting with SMS

One of the best ways to quickly relay pertinent information to your customers is through SMS. Having access to a cell phone with SMS capability has become undeniably universal and the possibilities endless.

Services like Instacart and Postmates exposed consumers to a nontraditional retail experience which gave birth to the “order online and pick up in store” alternative shopping experiences that giants like Target and Wal-Mart have turned into massive profits. Today, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift in public consciousness, these non-traditional retail alternatives have skyrocketed. The idea of congregating for long periods of time has become less appealing and avoidable at all costs. Meanwhile, businesses across the country continue to automate their processes and look for a cost-effective solution and adapt.

A cost effective, simple solution with short ramp up times- SMS technology, otherwise known as texting!

Companies across the world could use the familiar technology of SMS to keep public spaces clear and customers safe and updated. SMS is a versatile tool that should be part of every business’s arsenal. SMS allows you to communicate one-on-one with your customers, reduce lines, send notifications and alerts. Let’s review how SMS can help, small and large businesses alike, adapt to the new normal.

One-on-one communications

Offering support and general communications to your customers through text is easy, quick, and inexpensive with a long code. Texting can be used to follow up after a visit to the doctor’s office, dentist, and even veterinary office. It can also serve as a method of communication between a customer and their shopper and an alternative to voice support.

Eliminate Lines

Reduce or eliminate lines all together with SMS. In lieu of waiting near the hostess desk, ensuring you hear when your party is called or in range of the old school buzzer system, SMS can be used to check-in and notify customers when their order or table is ready. The same concept can be used in a variety of other industries, from the hospitality to casinos and hairdressers to the medical field.

Why Line-Busting Is Critical?

  • New CDC regulations require the ability for consumers to put 6 feet of distance between themselves and other guests
  • Long lines can highlight a lack of staffing at the front desk or cashier’s booth
  • According to the Washington Post article What really drives you crazy about waiting in line (it actually isn’t the wait at all), “The way that businesses manage lines results in easily billions of dollars of gained and lost brand equity and consumer spending. A long and unpleasant wait can damage a customer’s view of a brand, cause people to leave a line or not enter it in the first place (what researchers respectively call “reneging” and “balking”) or discourage them from coming back to the store entirely.”


Why line-busting is critical


The beauty of SMS alerts lies in its immediate ability to not only inform but impress your guests.  Ensure your business adapts to today’s rapidly changing climate and keep your employees and customer safe with SMS.

How Alerts Works:

This easy to use tablet-based interface deploys SMS messages from anywhere. The user-friendly interface is simple enough to need very little to no training for employees. Quick set up requires no integrations to any other systems and sends an automated SMS message at the touch of a button.


Alerts Console


These alerts don’t require a clunky message opt-in flow, which can be confusing for some less tech-savvy customer. Alerts easy to use workflow requires minimal effort from customers and employees alike.


Alerts Worflow


Alerts Use-Cases:

Line busting with SMS can be used for a variety of business types, but we think it especially shines in the casino and hospitality industry.

  • A guest would like to cash out their winnings. They enter their cell phone number and receive an SMS alert when it’s their turn. This will give the cashier time to properly sanitize the booth according to CDC standards and keep guests from congregating outside the cage.
  • A guest would like to visit your restaurant. They enter their phone number in the queue and have no need to wait at the restaurant lobby. While they wait, they decide to play a few games on a nearby slot machine.
  • A guest would like to play poker but there are no open tables. The guest submits their phone number to a digital queue and is alerted when there is an open seat.
  • A guest would like to visit the pool on a busy Saturday. They input the size of their party and their cell number and receive an alert when their cabana is open and properly sanitized.
  • A guest would like to use the hotel gym, but because of the limited capacity, there is a wait. The guest signs up for alerts and receives a text when their spot is ready.

SMS Notifications

SMS is a great way to communicate relevant and unique information to your customer. SMS notifications serve as a channel to communicate unique information your customers find relevant and important, like account balances, order alerts, or appointment information. Not only do alerts significantly reduce the time and resources spent on manually completing some of these tasks, they also help build stronger relationships with your customers by offering them an alternative to receive information they consider vital. This shows your customers that you value their time and business.


Order Pickup:

  • Your order is ready! Please make your way to our customer service desk.


  • Stacy is ready to see you now, please visit the reception desk.


  • Confirmation: Respond YES to confirm your appointment tomorrow at 2pm.
  • Reminder: it’s time for your appointment!

Veterinary Office 

  • Rover is ready to be picked up, please visit the reception desk.


  • Your car is ready for pick up, please proceed to the Valet desk.


  • Your order has been placed; we will let you know once it has shipped.
  • hooray! Your order has shipped.
  • Knock knock…Your order was delivered


  • We have detected some suspicious activity on your account. Please contact your representative at (123) 456-7890
  • Your current checking account balance is $99

Rewards points/Loyalty points  

  • Your balance is 98 points as of 07/07/30 at 8:05PM.


Covert an Alert into a marketable contact.

Using Huddie’s unique messaging workflow turns these customer service conversations and alerts into marketable contacts, growing your SMS database. A simple opt-in message, following an alert, can grow your SMS list exponentially:

  • Organically segment your database
  • Generate repeat business
  • Use crossover campaigns to grow your email list

How it works:

Once a customer has used any of the Alerts modules on property, our system sends a follow up message to convert these numbers into marketable contacts.



There are so many reasons to integrate SMS into your business. Low investment and implementation costs keep your ROI high and customers engaged. Best of all, the interface needs no maintenance or upkeep, and can be easily learned and accessed by employees of all levels. As long as your customers have cell service, there are virtually no delivery issues with SMS alerts, meaning that the program will run in the background while your customers and employees stay informed, safe, and impressed with your tech-savvy ways.