Managed Services

Your personalized Huddie Client Services person will launch your company to the forefront of the competitors. We will be by your side to strategize, execute, and analyze all critical metrics in achieving your marketing goals.

Streaming Services & Influencer Marketing

Savvy Non-Profits have found a niche to reach supporters and young donors that interact daily with streaming services. Our experts will help your organization adopt and manage a lucrative streaming service channel, increase viewership and awareness, partner with influencers, and get you on a path to earning revenue and donations from your streaming endeavors.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

With Huddie, you have the ability to reach your customers easily by Email, SMS or both. We offer the versatility of Email and SMS mass messaging, 1:1 communications, transactional messaging, and targeted communications all in one place, when you need it. We love making things less complicated!

Email Marketing

Decades of results show more than 55% of marketers still observe email as the best ROI from their digital email channels. Our Email marketing experts will help you take your business and customer touch to the next level by serving as a guide to best practices, industry standards, and increasing ROI.

SMS Marketing

Offering a mobile alternative to call centers, improving internal communication and elevating your customer relationships – SMS allows you to always be top of mind for your customers by tapping into the influence of on-the-go marketing.

Drip Marketing

Automated drip marketing helps scale your business and build a marketing strategy by using engaging, timely and personalized content. Drip marketing provides your customer with the right message at the right moment, within their customer journey…moving away from mass email campaigns. This tried and true method will help your business experience higher click rates, conversions and revenue return compared to other tired methods of marketing.

Custom Development & Integrations

Huddie specializes in custom development and integrations because we know the needs and requirements differ in many ways, for many different businesses. We’ve developed a robust API with an array of use cases to effectively integrate into any system. We’ll work together to do it right, the first time.