Huddie For Agencies

We live by one simple motto:  Half machine, Half human…All Expert

Whether your agency is big or small, Huddie is here to help. Our managed services help you with the daily demands of batching and blasting messages on behalf of your clients, while allowing you to focus on building the brand and generating ROI.

Why Huddie for Agencies?

There are many reasons to choose Huddie, but the one that counts is the ability to create meaningful content that generates unmatched ROI for your agency’s clients. Great software is useless without skilled, creative, and dedicated people to help you make better decisions on behalf of your clients. For most, this means a dedicated in-house staff of full-time professionals with years of experience in their areas of expertise.

Huddie provides your agency a team of samurai messaging experts ready to jump at your clients’ command. We know your business and can help you answer the tough strategic questions concerning your clients’ varying marketing campaigns, while our robust reporting lets you know what’s working and what’s not to help your clients become better overall marketers.

With Huddie, you can access the right person with the right expertise, for the right amount of time. From delivery of your clients’ campaigns to integrating Huddie with your agency’s in-house systems, the human factor means maximizing ROI from beginning to end.

Our half human, half machine formula means your agency will have the perfect balance between technology and personalized service, while gaining nothing but expertise in marketing for your clients.

At Huddie, expertise means your agency will receive:

Creative Expertise from our team. We have a department staffed with “design geniuses” to help your clients with both online and offline creative to use inside or outside your agency’s Huddie account.

Strategic Expertise from big thinkers whose sole purpose is to help your clients with acquisition, development, and retention of their marketing databases.

Delivery Expertise from dedicated delivery experts who spend every minute of the day focusing on improving your clients’ deliverability through auditing and optimization of their databases. Our secured delivery network has a sender reputation at 99% which ensures that our clients will yield benefit from  35% and higher unique open rates.

Compliance Expertise. Our compliance team will ensure your agency is following best practice set in place by regulatory agencies and laws such as TCPA, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR.

Integration Expertise to help your agency control our APIs to do things like custom scripting and form integration between your applications or Website and Huddie.

Support means your agency will benefit from our relentless pursuit to win every campaign on behalf of your clients, while never accepting second best. This means personalized account setup to get your agency up and running quickly. Account Management to strengthen and grow your clients’ marketing skills. Training Options to learn how to maximize your clients’ results using Huddie, and rapid Customer Support available any time to help your agency and clients through the rough spots.

And you’ll reap the benefits by…

Strengthening Your Brand!

The marketing you provide your clients must be unique to them. Our certified professionals, brand experts, and a zealous dedication to best practices will make sure you never compromise your clients’ brands while campaigning.

Saving Time!

With Huddie you are granted unparalleled access to a team of professionals that know your business and care about the success of your clients, and all the services and tools to help with their day-to-day audience marketing needs. Think of it as your agency’s very own “back office,” available to help you and your clients every step of the way.

Huddie’s account management team will be your one stop shop for everything email and SMS related. Our team will work with you to create and code custom branded templates. In addition, you will have efficient processes available including but not limited to:

Easy email setup & testing means that the Huddie AM team will create your email campaigns and submit them for review before deployment, allowing for a time-efficient method and eliminating the need for your team to learn a new software.

Automated + Cross channel drip campaigns to provide an unmatched customer experience and boost ROI Set it and forget with automatic welcome, birthday, and anniversary campaigns that disperse periodic offers and let your customers know that you care.

Huddie’s custom form builder can instantly import your most engaged subscribers into the database. Add you company logo or integrate it on your site.

Maximizing Campaign Efficiency!

Wondering how? Your dedicated account management team will focus on the tedious tasks of designing, coding, writing, setting up, testing, and scheduling all campaigns. While also providing you with the latest email and SMS trends, ensuring best practices are being followed, and providing robust reporting and insights that keep you informed on what’s working and what’s not.

Domain Validation will let ESP’s know that you and your clients are legit. Validating your domain will prevent your email from gathering complaints that could bog down your sending reputation.

A/B testing will help you intuitively learn what your audience responds to. By A/B testing your subject lines and content, you can develop you marketing efforts with confidence and hard data. Sometimes, a higher open rate is just a word or two away.

A Custom footer will add a professional touch to your messages. A custom footer can ensure your message is clean, consistent, and complies to all compliance regulations.