Huddie for Spiritual Organizations

Staying connected to your community, including your volunteers, is one of your most important tasks.  It’s been a challenging year, with everyone having to adapt and change in these uncertain times. Many Spiritual and Religious communities today struggle to rally their communities together while being limited to interacting remotely through their phones and screens.  

This shift to digital communication makes using Email and SMS (texting) channels even more important todaybecause much of the world, and your community, uses both. SMS has become the preferred way to communicate for most people, and its simply easiest option for all.  Now that the world has gone completely digital…have you? 

Huddie is a digital communication company with experts that will help you develop a sound strategy to bridge the communication gap, all while delivering your positive messages in a collaborative way. We handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what’s important…your community and its relationships. Our services can help change low attendance to high attendance, broadcast fundraising events, and provide new techniques to make donations easier and faster for your congregation.  

Huddie specializes in utilizing custom strategies to improve communication and provides the necessary tools to help your congregation stay together. 

Get Newcomers Plugged-in 


Some newcomers are having a difficult time getting plugged into the community. A new young couple just tuned in to the church broadcast for service. They don’t know about the different ministries offered or how to get to the right information. The website has some information, but they want to get connected to ministry leaders. 


Keywords are a great way of funneling newcomers to the right pastors, deacons, and ministry leaders who connect them to the church and direct all relevant information and updates based on their interest. Assigning a specific keyword to each ministry will help you automatically sort newcomers into the ministries that they want to get involved in, and give your leaders an avenue to reach out, engage, and plug that new member into the right groups. 

Text Messaging to Target Group or To Your Entire Community 


Congregations uses group text messaging to send daily messages such as Bible Studies, but leaders find it difficult to communicate without notifying the entire group. The result– important information gets lost in the thread. 


Huddie’s SMS technology allows you to easily create and send one message to a specific group within your unlimited list of community members. Pre-schedule your message to send to this specific group, or the entire community any time you need it. 

Keeping Your Congregation Current on All Events 


Some community members want to be advised of specific events and holiday festivities. They want or need to know about all the community events and happenings pertaining to that subject. 


Huddie provides the ability to use different keywords for separate groups (i.e. holidays, staff, and specialized programs)Using the same shared keyword, people can opt into a dedicated list to receive specific messages such as “Christmas Prayer” 


Easily manage those under your care 


Summer childcare volunteers need to individually text every child’s parents with updates. This takes valuable time away from childcare and can be confusing to keep track of. 


Volunteers can use Huddie SMS alerts on a shared tablet to quickly and easily notify parents when a child needs to be picked up. Parents receive notifications straight to their phone without the need for an opt in process. Additionallythere is a running log of when children are dropped off and picked up, which can be exported to Excel spreadsheet. 


Digitally Collect Donations 


 To reduce unnecessary contact, an organization is using a donation collection service for both online and in person services that charges a fee, cutting into necessary funds and confusing some less tech-savvy members 


Huddie allows you to send and track any link in your bulk text messages, giving you further insight on your member’s donations, without taking an extra fee. Simply type in your message and Huddie’s software will take care of the compliance language for you.  


Keep your community engaged with digital newsletters 


A newsletter used to be printed every Sunday and distributed directly. To reduce contact, the newsletter needs to be sent over email to allow for both virtual and in-person members to stay informed. 


Members can sign up online via a Huddie webform and opt in to receive the weekly newsletter. Here they can optionally receive general updates via SMS as well. The newsletter can be easily built using Huddie’s drag and drop email editor and scheduled ahead to deploy to every member on Sunday morning. The editor also allows you to easily add buttons and links to direct people to the correct website pages. 


Keep new members informed and maximize the reach of your organization  


An organization needs to better communicate with its members, improve participation, and promote fundraising after transitioning to more online services.  


Huddie’s cutting edge drip campaign feature allows you to use the combined power of email and SMS to engage your community. This feature helps you to automatically inform new subscribers about your programs and learn the best ways to keep your members involved.  

Here at Huddie, we understand how important it is for you to communicate with your community. By helping you enhance your current communication strategy we ensure that you offer your community multiple ways to stay up to date and engaged with your organization. We also help you create alternative workflows that keep your community safe and bring your organization up to speed, technology wise.  

Don’t know where to start? Our digital marketing experts, here at Huddie, are on standby ready to guide you throughout the process and take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s most important, your community.  

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