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A/B Testing White Paper

You are probably already aware of the recent increase of marketing emails and the ease of batch-and-blast email strategies brought about by free or low-cost email providers like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. What you may not know, is that these providers have muddled the effectiveness of email, making it extremely difficult to keep your email out of the spam box and visible to your customers.

It may be enticing to purchase large lists and send out hundreds of thousands of emails to get one person to bite, but sooner rather than later, you’ll find your email metrics decreasing to almost 0 because they’re going straight to spam, or even worse, no longer being delivered.

Engagement, or people opening and clicking your emails, is huge to email deliverability. Consequently, email deliverability is huge to getting conversions and increasing ROI. This is why we explored one of the most underutilized but highly effective ways to increase email engagement, AB or variable testing.

How to Create & Execute a Successful Reconfirmation Campaign

As an email marketer, one of the most valuable tools in obtaining ROI from your email marketing is engagement. One of the most effective ways to identify engaged subscribers and revive low-performing lists, is by running a reconfirmation campaign. This white paper will give a walkthrough on a particular campaign, and evaluate different strategies for re-engaging 

Throughout the campaign, there will be multiple trial and error adjustments to find which strategies garner the highest engagement and reconfirmation rate for this list.  

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Case Study: Wolf Conservation Center

We worked with non-profit Wolf Conservation Center to set up a cutting-edge digital marketing solution that grew both their online audience and organically generate revenue and donations. 

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