Casino And Hospitality

At Huddie, we help our clients communicate with as much relevance as possible because relevant messages drive campaign ROI.

As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), we understand what it takes to acquire, retain, and engage your patrons with the most relevant and effective channel mix. Message relevance is the most important factor in driving action. If your message is not resonating with your players, satisfaction, engagement, and ROI suffer. This is where Huddie is here to help. As your marketing companion, we use our years of experience working in the casino space to help fine tune your messaging and channel mix. Here we understand the right message drives action and action equals ROI.

Huddie allows organizations to create, grow, and message their patrons from multiple channels through one consolidated dashboard or by integrating with our APIs. We’ve developed a suite of custom marketing solutions with the casino marketer in mind every single step of the way. Our technology allows your company to effectively reach your patrons with the right message, at the right time, every time.

We’ve worked with casinos many casinos throughout the continental U.S. and maintain several tribal gaming relationships. With majority of our clients in the casino space, we understand what it takes to build and manage a successful digital and mobile strategy to engage your players in unique and innovative ways.

Gaming Marketing Solutions

Helping gaming clients realize maximum ROI.

As a casino marketer, there is no doubt about how important it is to have an active Players Club database. So why not put this information to good use and boost your casino win? We can show you how to use your data to maximize visits, CLV, and money spent by combining our extensive experience in advanced digital marketing for casinos along with our custom technology. We assist in drafting up campaigns that target key demographics and turn them into loyal players. While at the same time fine tuning your strategy to keep current players engaged.

Below are some examples of how real casinos are using the Huddie platform to attract and keep new players and how we can do the same for you:

  • Create campaigns that target specific demographics such as the 55+ slot player and the ever-growing millennial generation.
  • Create campaigns specific to various theoretical values and players club tier-levels.
  • Quickly build a mobile club by allowing your patrons to text a keyword directly to a code, automatically adding their info to your database. Keywords and codes can be placed in all marketing channels such as print, web, radio and television.
  • Utilizing SMS concierge as an alternative to traditional two-way communications.
  • Integrating SMS Alerts to minimize time waiting in physical lines and increase playing time.
  • Sign-up incentives to drive traffic to your Players Club in real-time.

Casino and hotel Marketing solutions

Custom marketing solutions for the entire gaming property, from the casino floor to the hotel lobby…

Casino properties have unique marketing goals that require equally unique solutions. From building Players Club sign-ups to engaging an already active database using innovative technologies, casino marketing requires a detailed and highly-integrated marketing mix to succeed.

The goal of any marketing solution for casinos is to bring in new players and keep existing players actively engaged within the property. Whether focusing on email, mobile, social channels or otherwise, integrating communication channels based on the goals of the property is a detailed process that we know a lot about.

The days of blasting out the same old message over and over are long gone; Properties today need to think outside the box to remain relevant and competitive. Huddie provides custom marketing solutions for all departments and the tools necessary to communicate with your patrons using a variety of channels — including email, mobile, SMS and more.

We will work together to maximize ROI, by leveraging our experience in the casino space, custom Techology, and multi-channel platform.

Our Technology

Our platform offers the versatility of multi and cross channel messaging all in one space. We have the ability to send mass messages, hyper-targeted messaging, and two-way communications. In addition, our API’s allow for further customization and integration of all your communication needs.

Reach your audience. You receive the power to communicate with email and SMS, or both, and manage everything from the same control panel.

Make better decisions. There’s a team of highly weaponized messaging experts that can help you answer the tough questions.

Grow your business. Huddie offers full campaign reporting and analysis features so that you can quickly determine your next steps.

Save money and time. Our managed services operate as a full-service marketing agency ready to help you with your marketing needs.

Strengthen your brand. Huddie provides a perfect balance of technology and personalized service to help you push your brand with confidence.

Integrate. Profitability means automation. Huddie offers Application Programming Interfaces (a.k.a. APIs for you techies) to help you automate by integrating your in-house systems with Huddie’s infrastructure.

Our Service

Half human…Half machine…All expert…

Great software is useless without skilled, creative, and dedicated people to help you make better decisions every day. Our team of professionals and expert services become your marketing companion.

On-demand Support

Meet the dedicated professionals that are ready to become a part of your team. Our support is predicated on our relentless pursuit to reach every goal and never accept defeat.

Professional and Enterprise Services

We know that your needs quite often go beyond answering questions and providing basic assistance. Because we know these needs are often varied and complex, we offer a full range of services to take the heavy lifting off your plate so that you can focus on the important things.

  • Account Setup to get you up and running quickly.
  • Marketing companions to assist you along the way.
  • Strategic Consulting from experts with a record of long-standing gaming experience in all facets of casino marketing.

SMS (Marketing + Alerts + SMS Concierge)

SMS is the easiest and most effective way to get your goals realized…

We can get you started with SMS faster than you can say, “Can you hear me now?” Our platform allows you to quickly, easily, and economically implement mobile campaigns and spin your database into gold. With the Huddie platform, you can . . .

  • Use short and long codes to generate subscriptions.
  • Engage with your players by connecting to our API’s to power personalized, play-driven variable SMS campaigns.
  • Use mobile coupons and other time-sensitive offers to drive revenue and foot-traffic into your property.
  • Use Alerts to minimize the amount of time your players wait in line and maximize the time spent on the casino floor.
  • Use SMS concierge to improve and maintain internal communications and communications with your players.
  • Save time and maximize returns by utilizing our automated and drip campaign feature.

Email Marketing

A first-class enterprise email solution that anyone can use, in a platform that gives you endless capabilities . . .

Who isn’t using an email marketing solution to promote their products or reach out to their audiences? Email marketing has become almost as ubiquitous as billboards on the highway or political ads on television. Since every business needs an email messaging system, we sought to create a platform that would combine the power of an enterprise solution with killer personalized customer service and serve it up with a suite of multi-channel messaging utilities that would make Batman jealous.

With the Huddie platform, you can send mass, targeted, automated, drip, cross-channel and personalized email campaigns to databases. All the while benefiting from our pristine sending reputation and high delivery rates.

Our platform also allows for personalized emails to be implemented via Huddie’s messaging API or by leveraging the built-in functionality to create truly dynamic campaigns In addition, Huddie’s platform also gives you . . .

  • Multiple users so you can control who and how many users have access to your account.
  • Email test accounts to take the worry out of pressing “send.”
  • Autoresponders to allow you to automatically respond to your customers.

Dashboards & Reports

See campaign results at a glance or dig deeper for endless ways to analyze your data . . .

Don’t just assume your message was received and understood. With our advanced messaging reports, you will know, in real time, how successful your message was in reaching and resonating with your players. Plus, we make the charts nice and pretty for you so you can easily understand them as well as impress whomever you’re showing them to (your boss will think you are an Excel wizard).

Your most critical information can quickly be seen in elegant graphics, with the ability to drill down into nitty gritty detail. Email & SMS messaging reports mean little to your property unless they can be leveraged to make better decisions. The Huddie platform also allows you to export your data and reports instantly at any time for integration with your own marketing systems or for analysis with third-party tools.

  • Get quick recommendations – receive suggestions and view best practices without needing to pull up a separate help file.
  • View detailed information on your audience, segment the data, and manage the people you’re messaging to.
  • Run powerful, real-time reports based on all of your activities. Track message results by channel.
  • Receive killer customer service without leaving the interface.