Who We Are

Huddie, as an organization, has developed an Omni-channel messaging platform that allows you to communicate with your customers through the right channel, at the right time. From our exceptionally energetic and engaged Client Services to our innovative and hard working technical team, we all work together to assist you in creating the meaningful connections that will assist in driving your business to the next level, and we love doing it.

Who We Work With

We love what we do and because of that, we’re excited to become your marketing companion and more. If you’re passionate about reaching your customer, building relationships, meeting your business goals – or just need a hand to navigate your digital marketing options, Huddie is the right fit for you.

How We Do It

True to our SAAS roots, we lean on frameworks and cycles in all aspects of our business. At Huddie we are constantly analyzing the results of our marketing campaigns and refining the execution to bring improved results. We obsess over details and are always building upon our customer relationships. We will work side by side with you on our path to success!