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Segment & Personalized

Huddie is not an Email and SMS blasting company. We help you learn more about your customers and collaborate to create the right personalized message experience. We focus on accurately conveying your 1:1 messages to your market segments and customers.

Data Hygiene

Cleaning and reconciling your database is foundational to ensuring messages reach your customers inbox. Along with our team and systems, we create the most effective campaigns you deserve. We focus on optimizing your messages to increase open/click rates, conversations and database-subscribe growth.

Client Services

Huddie's Omni-channel platform is easy to use with a Client services team here to assist when needed. We make ourselves available by phone, voice or text... it's up to you! We get involved to help you get the job done.

Streaming Services, Email, and SMS Under One Roof!

Huddie helps your company in all areas of digital communication, focusing on Live Streaming Services, Email, and SMS channels. Our high-touch team bridges the gap between Marketing and IT, providing the expertise to create the right campaigns…your Silver Bullet. Our hard-working team collaborates to deliver more than what’s asked, providing an ROI on both your time and expense, while doing the heavy lifting.

We’re more than a Digital Marketing provider…we’re your Digital Communication and Marketing Companion!

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Huddie has been a great partner for our digital marketing efforts. We appreciate that they feel their success relies on our success and that Huddie puts in the work and attention to help us achieve it.
- Mark Herring “Database Marketing Manager”

Unbelievably helpful and down to earth. These guys are so knowledgeable and worked ‘round the clock to make sure my campaigns worked perfectly!
- Lauren

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We’re all about your marketing success. Our team is your team, ... half human, half machine, and all expert.

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